Wedge-er your soul on it…. Its the Wedge war

Happy Monday everyone

That’s assuming there ever was, is or will ever be a generally happy Monday for everyone one collectively. But i ramble.

I was honestly thinking of ditching my CORNY CORNER WEEK of CORNY blog Titles. Not cause i couldn’t come up with a name but cause i felt it was a bit un-inspiring. But i had a friend lecture me on how fun shouldn’t be tainted after all she said. I was doing this as a way to have fun so why not have some good fun without thinking too much. So here i am this week really about to give you some of my corny takes.



I am pretty sure that most of the appeal of these wedges comes from its metallic finish and height. Although that also happens to be its deadly point

Gold-Peep-Toe-Special-Shaped-Heel-Ankle-Strap-Patent-Leather-Womens-Sandals-158986-0 Gold-Peep-Toe-Special-Shaped-Heel-Ankle-Strap-Patent-Leather-Womens-Sandals-158986-1

It just looks so amazingly pretty that i might brave this deadly wedge. Although i am not into the Gaga style shoes (referring the the back). I might damn it all and climb into this

9fe54d54-21f5-4781-8eb6-2a8219d3cf26 7e450e54-21c8-4aa8-9165-02634026434e


eae0e0ab-c393-48a4-9d09-98ce86ae0aaa 4d74bbb7-0f63-4bae-ac1c-60d05b36d749

This babies are sweet. They give you a false sense of security with the almost balanced wedge and heel side. But beware they will make you feel equal to a high rise building. I exaggerate;  but you get the point. But, be sure to know that you WILL definitely catch me in these. They give you that kind of Mary Jane but not a prim and proper kind of Mary Jane look. The give you the look of a pretend Mary Jane. The kind that sneaks out the window at night. i think PRIM & NAUGHTY describes these best



Cough!!! Cough!!! I can imagine a few things you can wear these talk boot and gladiator style wedges with and none of them that many or great. And and need i remind you that in these your you might not be able to find the ligaments connecting your ankle bones to your muscles after wearing these

0f5a29de-a0bd-4e0d-b220-16d87b193665 1ffef0fa-9383-4c5f-baa1-fa74980ae343

Unique-Black-Open-Toe-Heelless-Bow-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-251996-0 BATCHXLS_4a9451a3-d8f1-4cd5-ac59-2ab51806b322_001

The Bows are cute and as much as i like Bows. These are not me at all.

f8b843a4-903a-42c1-a941-c7776f4bb202 fa8c4290-9019-483c-beae-559b95f60b6e

Between these two i will choose the hollowed bottom boot style wedge. Although not my everyday style, you might catch me on one of my dare devil days with a biker jacket. Looking rawr Sexy, tough and possibly ready to topple over.

f15876d4-2468-4f7a-a2f8-998ec33e22fa d13fee4e-1b5c-4bee-8c48-3c3cd701d747

I like these cause of how sporty they look.

1269e77e-b215-4aa6-a41f-05514d2eaba2 Black-4-3-4-High-Heel-1-1-5-Platform-Wedge-Sheepskin-Womens-Ankle-Strap-Pumps-128562-5

I will choose the all black one over the bedazzled one. But in a general sense i am not really interested in them. I have seen these everywhere and a lot more people wearing these. So for that sole reason i am going to assume they are safer that they look. But in a general style sense they are okay, but again not typically me. Although if i get one as a gift i will not be complaining


Again not really me but they work for most people. I like the one that looks like you are about to back pedal better

ee2561bb-de30-4329-87e4-7ca7cfbe970f ec88578b-8034-462f-88a0-20fabc93110f

These will pass. Cute and a bit formal. If you ever dared to wear a formal dress with wedges this COULD be it. I can’y picture it in my head, being that i associate wedge with everything else but formal. But who knows…

f221c4e4-fc72-49d3-9f62-5e45c6e546cf BATCHXLS_e09d1ee6-4dca-4998-a526-fb431f67b550_005

I like both. But i like the shorter boot one (The first pic from the left) better . Feeling badass and invisible, have a climb. I like the play of leather contrasting the shinny patent material in this one. I actually want it

Cool-Modern-Black-Polyester-Spikes-Decoration-Women-s-Wedge-Booties-183176-0 Cool-Modern-Black-Polyester-Spikes-Decoration-Women-s-Wedge-Booties-183176-1

These my sweet hearts are deadly to the wearer and any offender to the wear around them/ in the same vicinity. imagine taking a fall in these; and mind you i am not just talking about the height. The spikes make for a more even bumpier, more dangerous fall. If you cant imagine it leave a message and i will paint the scenario very well for you. Take my word, it will be a different kind of fall from the others.

But in general, being that i am not prone to violence, you might want to stay far away when provoking anyone wearing these, who also happens to have good balance. Cause they will perforate you in many places than you can imagine.

08790cdb-ca77-4ca3-96e1-132af3fa3635 80c31926-b584-4ff1-8034-63c5ab70b574

Nice. a little bit of warning… If she can kick backwards stay to the front. 🙂

93bac0a6-48e6-465f-b57f-57fd09cd990a 40823650-14db-4058-8fd9-fc000e14e549

I like the solid black one better. Really like it as a matter of fact


This babies has a sister in blue I actually like it and can definitely see my mom in these. Actually i can also see myself in these considering my mom wear my shoes (the sensible ones) and vice versa


f597f879-c968-469d-bf38-94c35c6c058b Grace-Gold-Open-Toe-Heelless-Bow-Wedge-Shoes-for-Women-252014-0

I like both. The one with the bow  has a black sibling above which i was not very fond of. I happen to be more fond of this one than its black one. And for the other buckle one with a black sibling as well, i cant decide which i like better, although my closet is leaning towards the black one.



I am sorry but i could not find anything to like about the wedge with the flower. So why did it make my list? because apparently i have a friend sitting next toi me, who insists its unusual enough to be entered. I have a serious suspicion she likes it… Hey each to their own. Anyway i like the gold one. I can actually say i might be needing it soon.



SURPRISE!!! I actually like this one although like the one before the fall will be deathly to the wearer. But i like this better, because of that Mary Jane look in the front and of course the ankle strap. The back and the body are a whole different topic. This false Mary Jane look. Give the image of an exterior sweet Jane and a deathly inside Jane. The color makes it incredibly sweet but the body says, “Try me if you dare”



Although not me in another typical sense this is adorable. I will actually wear this. That’s imagine one do not topple to their death first





483b2438-351c-49dd-8745-52b972b68308 697fd923-907d-419b-a3d4-46edf292a1ed

These leaves me feeling like one would need support on both sides too walk in them.




Multi-Color-T-Strap-Color-Block-Wedge-Shoes-for-Woman-265790-1 64240d21-6f96-48af-a52c-944c7f5ba575

I am digging thee Pastel Green one

Gradient-Color-Open-Toe-Criss-Cross-Nubuck-Womens-Espadrilles-153950-0 0940876c-6df5-46f4-bcdc-fcfbc8f8b0c1







ec1b5991-efcf-414d-bba6-75e7282601e3 cf451e88-59b4-40a8-aaf6-873715d85a8c

Not sure what to make of the fuzzy one yet. Cant decide if i like it or not

8e14298d-7cea-496c-8872-4e3c26d270f3 32ec000f-266e-4a46-82f7-433ef988ca34

I have to confess  these are my BEST picks. I just love love love this soooo much. I love the Pastel color blocking, style, sensibility and the printed wedge. Its just so perfect for a summer and spring wardrobe and being in florida, it always seems that way. JUST LOVE THESE

c53c5ca9-d4b4-43c9-89e3-f8ccb8e371a4 c7d76fdc-a782-44e0-a774-fa44822aa70e




MY OTHER BEST PICK!!!  I love love love the first picture from the left. The one with the black and white stripe. Just love it.


Red-Ankle-Strap-Almond-Toe-Cowhide-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-202502-4 Red-Ankle-Strap-Almond-Toe-Cowhide-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-202502-1

Same feeling as the sister above

Red-Open-Toe-Zipper-Nubuck-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-213100-1 Bandage-Printed-Cloth-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-212014-4

Like the Simplicity. The one on the RIGHT is the better choice…At least for me

fb7aeaa3-f8c3-4af0-ba47-191aa8382a9e d740215a-a44f-4929-b463-f87bdcfe05f9

Same feeling as the sibling shoes above

BATCHXLS_09644f8a-3b55-4aff-8397-099948d6e95a_015 BATCHXLS_09644f8a-3b55-4aff-8397-099948d6e95a_014

Like the patent barbie Pink… maybe to just sit in my closet and make it brighter

BATCHXLS_6e81a328-1e68-4c90-bb6e-8bc0886a2c85_003 76a52719-20e5-444a-b4f0-bba68afe0821




Like the Jellie Pink shoes

Sweet-Pink-Heelless-Spikes-Woman-s-Wedge-Shoes-252012-0 Sexy-Rose-Red-Sheepskin-Rhinestone-Embellished-Peep-Toe-Shoes-279488-0

Just like the PASTEL color only on the Spiky one. A very hard and long fall for the other one

BATCHXLS_6d056a97-25c9-4aff-881e-7741d0423dfb_003 BATCHXLS_6d056a97-25c9-4aff-881e-7741d0423dfb_000

LOVE BOTH, maybe on a normal basis i wouldnt but i have a slight suspicion i like the both cause they are sitting next to each other.

0fc86f80-8cb1-453a-bbee-01dd70348389 2a1acb9e-65c9-4de3-8c21-cab6c578692e

LOVE LOVE LOVE it just like its black sibling.



Couldn’t careless for the jean spiked one. But looking adoringly at the blue and gold one. Its questionable whether it is a wedge but i am bumping it into that category anyway.




Not a big fan but i chose the black and white spots

dfd58f11-4aa0-4686-92da-660dc2357779 cbdaee92-8705-4a1a-8c95-9693490720a4

MEH@@ added this at my friends prodding.



Like the somber one better




03dba912-a40d-429a-b4fd-e446c80ff35f d0685c2c-83b6-4dfe-8994-33d579ebd857


BATCHXLS_7e6c536d-ea5e-4790-8d47-1c9616460a70_015 BATCHXLS_90b520ca-9133-43fc-8731-77890d8e40c5_015

LOVE THE SANDAL BUCKLE WEDGE… Absolutely do not like the fish mouth peep toe bootie wedge

BATCHXLS_60799915-f98a-46d2-8cb7-2aa4b41a1892_015 BATCHXLS_d72f5b68-e508-4ac1-af75-bc4a482992eb_015

Love these two. The first is very whimsical and i love the color, The second i love the print



I LOVE LOVE THESE TWO. i cant really find much courage to wear them but am sure one of these days. surely one day



5 thoughts on “Wedge-er your soul on it…. Its the Wedge war

  1. love all the nude beige colors and the black velvet mary jane ones!! ♥

  2. athan ify skepow May 21, 2013 — 6:28 pm

    All the shoes ar wornderfully made pls how can I get them

    1. Which ones are you interested in? Also follow my blog and you will get updates and free give aways

  3. I want shoe number 1. In the BLACKS. And shoe number 26 in blacks too. how do I get dem .babes.


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