Lulu’s Printed floral dresses…

I had a moment of curiosity to take a quick peek and see what LuLus has been up to. So on the webpage i see this beautiful floral cute dress as the header 8

Instantly i loved the dress. My brain informed me that if i were to take a cue from other times and also from stores like Lulu’s and forever21 it was most likely i wouldn’t be seeing the dress listed. Well, the very optimistic me insisted and sent through the dress listing. Now only when i got here did i realize something about myself and approach on sites like this.



Lulu tends to have very pretty things that people like. But for someone with my attention span in fashion and someone with my oddness it doesn’t cut it. I will explain. They carry pretty things but they are almost of the same style radar as forever-21, just more over priced than forever-21. Now their quality might be better but my reservation here is not quality or price but the Style.



I started out excited as the first few pages had me thinking “Wow, lulu has upped the Ante here”. I started believing that maybe, just may be i was going to become a fan. but as the pages increased the excitement and would be intrigue died down. It just was the same except for a few things. It lacked uniqueness.



I tend to like unique pieces  And in the common pieces i like those common pieces to be ones you can use in making a unique personal style out of. Something completely you. But Lulu as well as forever-21 just lacks in that aspect. At least for me. I guess i was right all along when i stated i wasn’t trendy.



I don’t like the idea of uniformity in fashion. Fashion is a creative process therefore it is art. It is supposed to be unique to everyone. For those common pieces i mentioned earlier. I like the kinds that even if 20 people around me were wearing it, it would have many different ways to make it all different so that others or people will not even realize it is the same product. This is where forever-21 misses it or me and Lulu seems to be lacking too.



Now, I am not in the business of reviewing the whole site, just stating a feeling on my repetitive visit to the dress pages. Although i must say people love them. I am in the gray area. And that might just be my fault. I might be too critical, too picky or even unfashionable who knows. but i do not do trends,they tend to Tired me out, a repetition of seeing the same thing over and over in different colors or maybe twicked a little just makes the whole idea boring for me.



But its not all bad. I found some dresses i loved. Buy first i will be installing the floral print dresses i found adorable. In my way of thinking, at least i made other pretty finds even if the original dress (The blue and white one above) was not there.



I actually love this dresses i picked out and i hope to go back to Lulu and maybe one day i get to love a whole bunch more

And on that Note… I will be going BACK !!!!




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