FUTURISTIC APPROACH to fresh fashion by a new designer- Agnes Nora Szimon

4th of July came a bit too early today (just kidding). But the building outside my window seems to be in a 4th of july kind of mood. (Its a building that lights up completely and keeps changing colors all night. (the prettiest colors ever). Tonight though it has the stripes.

But this was not really my intention for today. So i have been hunting around and snooping around some designer or sellers pages from Ustrendy  website. And i just happen to discover a new designer (at least new to me). And it also happens that incidentally fell in love with some of her designs. Surprisingly the futuristic ones.

Now, I love simplicity; you might even call me a minimalist, except for those moments where i like to go all out  and STUFF like that. (said it daffy ducks style). I am not really into lady gaga-esque kind of fashion but i might have just taken my first step into what i think might be a long conviction. I mean one step isn’t enough but Agnes Nora Szimon might make me a believer.  Not your typical known designer which even makes this find more incredible.

Her futuristic approach to ready to wear fashion is elegant, simplistic and utterly adorable. Yes i would definitely spot most of them. I loved her work, so i decided to do a little bit of digging into her to maybe give you guys a little background on her. But the only thing i found is that She is based in Budapest and also has an ETSY store (click on the link to go there). I have not ordered any of her designs to see them in person, but i love the fact that the dress are made to order and she caters to different sizes as long as you send the measurements (That’s a claim in her ETSY STORE and it seems legit). …well no need to repeat myself.

So i will let the pictures do the talking…. You know the whole saying about pictures being worth thousand words and all


I love the black and the White but i have a thing about white outfits and on this one i even like the white better. Just so lovely. The lower picture, she paired the futuristic dress with a futuristic top she also made, but this time the sleeves to the dress are handing on the side making it look even more AMAZING.
So below is the picture of the top she used in the pic above (just different colors)
I can think of better things to pair this lovely top with than just a pair of jeans. I might actually just add some pics of what will look amaze–balls with it
Love the take on the dress. Cant decide if i would have loved it more being a bit fitted more at the hips/skirts or love it better this loose.
There are good sides to both, these loose, it makes the dress look classy and not over board due to the open chest. the looseness give an appearance of modesty. you know the thing about having a perfect balance. why have it hugging your curves when your already showing something else. (Show them one at a time).





The two dresses are quite different, their similarity being the thing i absolutely love about them “THE HOODIE”. Again i am not a hoodie kinda girl but i just love this especially the gray dress. Cant pin point why exactly i will shell out for this. But believe i really,

ve the collective look of the others, but the collection looks cohesive with its color. and i love the easy flowy-ness of the dress. Looks like something i could throw on a pair of heels and go to a nice night high class event. and also just tuss the heels and throw on some nice Flat sandals and go about my day. very versatile.

65765_1_18-kicsi 65765_2_16-kicsi


I know Earlier (if you look above) i kind of featured this tops in the all white. Well this is the Black and silver version of it (a little improved and i love it). Almost makes me want to go to a cocktail party out of space. BEAM ME UP CAPTAIN!!!. Jokes aside i love the black better and can definitely see myself rock the hell out of this top.


And then you have this dress, Just lovely all the way round. I WANTS IT…. PRECIOUS…. sexy, just has a hint of peek-a-boo but then everything else is nicely and tastefully covered. Simple dress. very beautiful, this is actually my BEST!!!


If i were to decide to dare myself. I would definitely go with the skirt. Like it.  So go for it, Oh ye brave ones


Simple and Nice can be a day to day wear, or even night wear, cocktail, clubbing. completely works


And last on my list but not least. This black puffy sleeve dress. I love it. Not your everyday outfit  but definitely worth a hanger in my wardrobe for the right occassion. This is not for the timid. Scream “HEY LOOK AT ME”. and yes i am usually the opposite, but it would hurt to have it for those days i feel like the world should center around me. 🙂




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