Your Go To casual Sandals (might not be high fashion but amazingly lovable)

Living in Miami there is a staple one always have to have especially if you are not the flip flop kind like me. A very important staple that goes all year round and that is Incredible casual sandals for all your outfits. I mean it is typically summer all year round here (its gets chilly at the most). And at that being that one is not always in the mood to climb and walk around in high fashion sky scrapers, you would settle for an easy effortless casual sandals to compliment your outfits and make you all Chic and stuff.

So i have again gone across the Ocean. This time around again to Korea to bring you the first installment in SANDALS…. Like the title says, they might not be you typical high fashion expensive sandals, but i Love them and I want them. This shoes mostly were cultivated from style yam and Korean fashion store

1341-LEMON 1341-BLACK 1341-BEIGE1350-BEIGE 1350-BLACK 4018-HOTPINK 4018-BLACK 4018-PINK6101 dghdg (1) 6114 dghdg (2)stylebyyam_14768 130220-4-detail m (1) 120622-11-4

6146-IVORY drrdfgbn (5) hgffg ;;l.

4009-GRAY 4009-BROWN 4009-BLACK

1344-IVORY 1344-BLACK


503-WHITE 503-GREEN vgfxb (1)

j130314-8-1 j130314-8-2

vgfxb (2) 1338-ORANGE 1338-WHITE 1338-BLACK

m,, l



drrdfgbn (2)



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