I think the title says it all. So i am going to refrain from rambling although i can already hear my brain preparing to spew out un-needed words.

I LOVE LOVE KOREAN FASHION, I personally cannot get enough of it especially as the quality and price are SO AMAZING…

I know i usually do not paste my personal fashion here (me dressing up). But believe that all the things i post up here i will definitely wear and I ACTUALLY OWN QUITE A NUMBER OF THEM.

I have been doing a lot of back and forth contacts with some of these international sellers/store/designers and i must say I AM SOLD!!!

We all know how to wear a pencil skirt, we have all seen nice pencil skirt somewhere or the other. But i just had to put up THESE AMAZING AFFORDABLE PENCIL SKIRTS

When people sometimes hear ASIA they just hear CHINA/EBAY , so NO, I am NOT talking CHINA or REPLICAS i am talking about the REAL DEAL/QUALITY.

So if you want to know how or where to get these drop me a message and i will be happy to reply.


As you all can see, the skirts above graces the bodies of the models. The ones BELOW from this point are the ones displayed on Mannequins and such. The thing about some of them is, that i would personally have paired some of these skirts below with different blouses. But either way ENJOY!!!



weeklystyle_661 weeklystyle_624 weeklystyle_614 weeklystyle_587 sk-wool punching1 1105 sk-unbal ren1 0208 sk-U line waist1 0124 sk-tiffany 1 0820 sk-small golji1 0313 sk-sagak1 0130 sk-punching1 0921 sk-moog 1 0402 sk-meme 1 0313 sk-leather pocket1 0903 sk-hall 1 0212 sk-flower sasun1 0418 sk-dotdo wing1 0322 sk-pin tuck long 1 0125 sk-dilmah1 0506 sk-cutspan2 0327 sk-coloration print 1 0918 sk-bunddo long2 0325 HYH 456_006000000073 450_006000000065 449_006000000064 420_006000000013

kmkm428_006000000032 443_006000000056 472_006000000089



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