I will choose HEAVEN so i can eat CAKE without CONSEQUENCES

I am going to repeat it like a ringing bell. DIET IS THE WORST…. has anyone ever noticed how the first 3 letters spell “DIE? ” I feel like the T is there you know like those chunky fashion necklaces to take your attention off other things like the “DIE”. Anyway, maybe i am exaggerating again, as i am finding out this days i have been prone to, but you all get the gist, am really not trying to be morbid, but Dieting brings that side out of me. Colors lack brightness and things lack luster.


It so happens that a girl i talk to from back home (Nigeria). Tells me they think they are fat/not skinny enough, even if they weigh 1 kg or less than a 100 lbs. Yes, i have some tell me they eat once a day, and at that they get a plate of food and divide it into 3 portions. And then Eat ONLY ONE of those portions and dispose of the 2. After hearing this claim, i went into a deep “hmmmmmm” moment. You know the kind of moment where you completely convince yourself you can totally pull it off and in 2 weeks you will be looking like a model strutting your catwalk down the street. Lets just say that my “hmmmmmm” moment lasted longer than my trial. Which was about 2 seconds after i divided the food. I ate all 3 portions and also made sure to eat  dinner when dinner time came and hence i called them on their B.S.

Then i thought again, these girls actually do this, eat too little, barely know how food tastes and how enjoyable if feels to chew good food and all those amazing-ness. Oh and i must add that i am totally ashamed to have even had a “hmmmm” moment like that. Anyway,  I also really want to exercise and be healthy you know… the good stuff, but i can’t bring myself to always do it… My lazy butt has an invisible glue to my bed.6f8b4418b29360c7273273e39de3a106

Needless to say, i got in a conversation with a friend who mentioned that i happen to always have food around me. And why do i still look skinny. I swear I am not bragging and i am about to prove it. I always tell people that i know some bigger people healthier than i am, being that they are more active and actually try to eat healthy. My mom always tells me to act now so this Karma of not being healthy does not catch up to me. “If you wont exercise she says, at east eat healthy” And i promise, i try but as much as i love food, I cannot abide SALADS especially without salad cream… But hey i need to suck it up to be healthy right?

Anyway, I told that friend that as much as being skinny is nice and all. I really do not see myself joining the “Who gets to the finish line of anorexia marathon First” that most of the girls back home are joining.  Why? because there are too many good food in the world to seal my mouth purposely for no reason other than to be stick thin and not eat. Like seriously have any of them tried cake? like really? YUMtumblr_mc4zaoRoRQ1r9bgcro1_500

Anyway i digress, i went ahead to tell my friend that if i were to join this race which i have proven by my “hmmmm” moment, I would most likely be distracted by a street vendor selling food or snacks. I would definitely take a break every 2 miles to visit a new vendor, which would make the marathon null and void.mono-diet

I love food, i love sweet things and i wish i could eat them all without consequences but we all know that crap hunts you later… food karma. So this morning another friend talked about how Hollywood present’s heaven to be so pretty. and how we can imagine heaven being much more prettier than what human’s/ Hollywood can do in their studios and high tech camera. To which i responded under that status with ”  If nothing makes me want to go to heaven (And believe me there are a lot of things that make me want to). At least i want to eat CAKE and not get fat or suffer the consequences lol”

Yes that was my reply… Sometimes i feel like Maria Antoinette with a cake obsession, but the thing is that it is not just cakes. Although i wonder sometimes if i should have tried being a pastier…considering i bake better than everyone in my house…


I told my brother this once and he laughed.

Brother:  “Why do you think you can do that?”

ME:      Cause i eat cake so well, i know the tastes the smell…

Brother: Many people can eat better than they can cook. your probably one of those”

Yes he undermines it playfully, and he might have a point; being that i lack the eye for such details.

But to end this on the long note it has already been… Long story SHORT… DIETING  – ME= HAPPY….



Its simple… Some of us just aren’t cut out for dieting and i don’t think anyone is cut out for Anorexia, and not to down play this as well, as i understand there are people with this health problems. The goal here is to be healthy, lead a good, active,  fun, happy filled life. Let’s support the people with this disease and also promote the idea that HEALTHY IS SEXY not skinny, not thick, not fat…. HEALTHY IS…. We all have different body forms, types and genes so some might look bigger even though they are healthy because of bone mass. Lets encourage people to get out of the type of “hmmmmmmm” moments i had. And take control of how we define lives for our selves. SEXY is what you think SEXY is and the outside world shouldn’t have a say in it.tumblr_m8uq3e63Ad1r76hq4o1_500_thumb

SO BON APETIT to all the foodies out there, eat everything to moderation

KEEP FIGHTING to all the anorexics, we are behind you for support

ROCK ON to all the people excising and staying healthy

&  TRY HARDER to all those like Moi, struggling with staying healthy the good way


Tagging http://storybookapothecary.com/  and thanks to her awesome and hilarious write up i remembered to put this post up. click HERE TO SEE HER POST

1 thought on “I will choose HEAVEN so i can eat CAKE without CONSEQUENCES

  1. Thanks for tagging me in your post! Loved it! I totally agree. Eating foods is awesome .Dieting is not ♥


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