Hooray for the high school seniors  making their passage out of school. And a note of hang in there lassies and lads for the juniors with countdown calenders mounted on the walls of their bedrooms.

To say the least, it is Prom Season and a season of chaos, emotional blackmail, expectations and dare i say it the high spirit of consumerism in high school students. Now i am not saying this as someone who did not go to her prom. I might one day deem it fit to explain exactly my rational for refusing to partake in this rite of passage. I am not against prom,  I actually imagine it might be fun. But the most important part of prom for the lasses is not the crown, not the trophy but you know the communal spirit of ‘who outshine who?’ It is the golden globes/oscar moment of most high schoolers and rather than the question of “Who are you wearing” being asked. It is “What are you wearing” . I asked a high school senior for honest unbiased opinion of prom nights and to quote her she said

“Most students do not care about who designed it” she paused thoughtfully before adding “Although that is starting to matter bit by bit. It is more about how unique and fashion forward. It is the classic tale of not repeating outfits with others, and if you are so unlucky to, it becomes the natural question of WHO WORE IT BEST”

well, before i go off on my usual tangents i must say that i have found Prom and evening dresses that will hands down at least in my opinion give you that red carpet moment and make people ask “WHO ARE YOU WEARING” without having to spend thousands.

Now, being that i never bothered to go to prom and i do have a funny story to back it up. I have no idea what a girl’s prom dress budget is. And from the student i asked earlier she seemed to have a budget of 1000 dollars total for everything from dress to shoes. So here i have done my bit and i am bringing you pictures and site where to purchase this dresses should any pique your interest.

And i must say: THEY ARE AMAZING








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