For most of us it is still snowing while some are just recently starting to feel a little winter chill (Miami take note). I had disappeared again needless to say i haven’t been keeping my blog promise to myself. Well this 2013, i might become a new me with my blog. So before i babbled on. i had disappeared again without the slightest inclination to post up a Christmas look and a New Years look. You see i was mourning the lost opportunity when a metaphorical light bulb lite up in my head. Being as unconventional as i imagine i am. (I imagine myself a lot of things). I decided that why not have an early spring regardless of where you are in the snow, chill, or warmth. (with the exception of those living in arctic environment). I do say that with a little bit of disdain, but that’s because i am completely guilty of being tropical. Although i am a hypocrite for loving winter and cold weather fashion .

So before i digress. I will be picking out some Christmas looks that i think will be an excellent crossbreed outfit for early spring in any survivable climate.

Before i continue i must announce that I DISCOVERED AN E BAY JEWEL.  (this jewel is a seller who sells many different outfits. I can post links to her eBay outfits, but should you check and it is over or no longer in her store. you can always send her an inquiry about whatever outfit you see here and she will tell you if she still has them available and will also make wonderful suggestions. What am trying to say being (IF IT IS NOT PRESENT IN HER PHYSICAL EBAY STORE, YOU CAN STILL ASK HER ABOUT IT…Chances are she will have something for you) 

ts-vintage-lace-pleated-dress-with-belt_dzumhi1345527329464 ts-white-long-sleeve-dress_iotofr1314150970175 ts-white-long-sleeve-dress_fws1319073750562 ts-unique-neck-design-slim-sheath-dress_uwrrhi1353478109958 ts-stand-collar-puff-sleeve-belt-dress_xzyazh1353981287086 ts-sexy-red-bodycon-dress_qsapyy1353981662563 ts-sequin-sleeveless-tweed-dress_klpttr1353654663005 ts-lace-backless-swing-chiffon-dress_qutrrs1354679521208 ts-sequin-sleeveless-tweed-dress_ajlnca1353654717244 ts-irregular-ruffle-dress_vdhfej1354678652443


ts-bow-collar-lace-stitching-jersey-dress_ldnsib1355813026256 ts-bow-collar-lace-stitching-jersey-dress_rtmyzu1355813041004 ts-lace-backless-swing-chiffon-dress_jpdaaf1354679474505



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