SPLURGE ve STEAL… People’s style watch magazine… Finding affordable cheaper alternatives

I must admit that i have gone through these couple of months without my camera or an eye to my blog, being that every idea i had for it somehow went down the drain. But at the risk of sounding negligent, i must admit that i have been away and have had so many beautiful fashion moments i haven’t shared. I am utterly ashamed of myself. So i have decided to once again start.

You see, my magazine subscrpition starts and ends in check out Isle of stores where i might pick one up, flip through it in the few seconds it takes to check out my goods and then drop it. But being home for Thanksgiving, i have come to meet the hoads of my mother’s friend’s magazine at home. So i flipped through the pages. Yes i actually sat down to look through them and found quite a number of beautiful things i might be able to afford if i decided to sell maybe all my belongings at the moment (hahah hope you all got the joke).

So From Dec 12/Jan13 People’s STYLE WATCH MAGAZINE: I found a beautiful lace dress, that was amazingly above what i can afford. You know me, if i love it enough. i look for alternatives. “Where there is a will there is a way” This dress happened to be a Lace June Dress by Shoshanna at nearly 400 dollars. To be exact $395. (if you get to 395 it might as well be 400 then). So i took the liberty to search for alternative. Similar alternative. And i must say this is turning out to be such fun being that i find my alternative more beautiful. IT IS PERFECT for this season and every other season.

splurge vs. STEAL!!!

………………………  SPLURGE…$395………………

PRICE: $395


STEAL: $160

If anyone is wondering how to wear this dress, this fall/ winter it is easy. Pairing it with tights and pumps are a give. It can also be paired with booties and knee tights. You can make it fun with color wool tights or patterend tights.
Below are differnet types of shoes, patterend stockings, and colored stockings to pair it with.


The Gold accent gives it a bit of fun and contrasts the lace on the dress
I know it is hard to Imagine but this will give the dress a bit of an attitude. Assuming one cannot see where the stocking starts, it will take off a bit of the girly edge of the dress and give it an edgy look. Just make sure to be careful with the shoes. With this i will insist this to be paired with high heel Ankle booties
The school girl knee sock. might present a hard challenge to see with this dress, but with the right high heel pumps or very high mary janes.
Keep them guessing… Make it sexy
This is my favorite. The jewel toned tights and stockings adds color to the outfit, while not being over the top, it adds fun and attention. you cant miss.
The classics.
Fish nets usually aren’t very stylish. But first wear your basic black stocking, then wear these on top, it completely adds class and character to your basic black tights
solid jewel tones


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