I woke up this morning to find myself at home. This is not due to over indulgence in alcohol as i have never indulged in any for the last 22 years of my life(so speaking i am 22 by the way). but for the past 3 days i have been at home, i have always woken up in what my mother termed as a state of surprise. Yes, i always wake up looking surprised as to my surroundings. Summer classes had not been as easy as i anticipated, but it hadn’t been as terrible as i imagined either. Here is my woe. My summer break is starting when others are ending, when my school is resuming in 2 weeks and when the hot scalding sun of summer is about to give way to the beauty of fall. Which brought to my mind that alas we need to start getting ready for my dear season although i won’t be here to enjoy it. in case i missed informing you my honey’s as i ramble on; i am in New jersey but will be going back to Miami in two weeks. For those who have the fortune of enjoying the brisk air, the colors and the story book beauty and lets not forget the Fashion. I envy you all. So although it seems somewhat in the near future assuming the world does not come to an end before fall starts. We can friendly gait towards this with some of my picks.

Of course i will surely update my blog as we go on. But please enjoy.





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