HEALTH NUT CHALLENGE….Healthy is new on the menu.

I know this is completely out of the blue and probably kuoo-kuoo of me. But i have never been one to shirk on the duty of even spontaneously surprising myself. Yes, i did it again, I blew my own mind with the new idea that was born at this morning, an idea that is so ingenious and unoriginal that is completely and blatantly original to me. (hahahha). Yes, i might go of my kukas, might even contemplate the idea that i am going off the deep end, but then again, this seems like a deep end worth it in the long run. Assuming i stick to it. TANTANTAN….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!


Not just to shed the extra sophomore 20 lbs i gained, but first to fit back nicely into my o’ so gorgeous clothes. for a couple of reasons

1. I am not ready to over haul my whole wardrobe and go a size up in clothes

2. I am trying to save money… For some reasons i will announce sometime  later

3. I do not like the idea of a jiggly arm or thighs  that rub together

4. The aging process i heard is nothing to be scared off. But by my recent penchant for over indulging in the unhealthy, i might lose that God Bless my family, good aging genes in my family due to  changing the make up of my genetics, which a lot of chemicals in foods can do (Sorry, as a  student the more you know the more paranoid you probably become)

5. DARE I SAY IT!!! I want a toned lean body

6. I want to  slowly detoxify my body, get healthy, happy and lower my sky rocketing cholesterol

7. Last but not least, I actually for once in my life want to see what the crack about being a HEALTH NUT IS ALL ABOUT.

Alas, i have actually put my goal and reasons here, I have never been a health nut, have never really eaten healthy food (considering i call salads RABBIT FOOD ). My closest brush with eating healthy was my January binge on Walnuts and my recent acquired taste/addiction to strawberries. I would be kidding myself if i imagine this will be easy, or even so much as think i can make it through the first week. But I am willing to give it a try, Maybe you never know, my discipline in this area might actually be strong enough.

Anyway i will keep a constant update to my ranting of how much i probably want junk, hate healthy people and my excuses as to why i should cut it out. But all in all I am going on HEALTHY CARB, PROTEINS, FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND WATER ONLY, WITH GOOD AMOUNT OF MEAT HEALTH DIET. wish me luck everyone. OH I AM GOING TO BIKE FREQUENTLY. if anyone wants to join me on my new-found insanity please feel free to. leave me a message and i will contact you. Or you can FOLLOW ME ON THIS BLOG AND GET UPDATES AND MY STEPS TO A HEALTHY NUT…. 🙂



1 thought on “HEALTH NUT CHALLENGE….Healthy is new on the menu.

  1. okeke vivian ada June 2, 2012 — 8:10 pm

    so lovely


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