Last Minute Dinner Outfit (A procrastinators Enjoyable Vice)

So last month, i found myself in a dilemma. Every weekend i found myself one important occasion/outing on another. As a friend (although i can’t claim to be the best), i find i can not shirk on my duty to show up and show support as these events were one in a life time or equally important to friends.

Occasion: Dinner/ International night

My Dilemma: What to wear!!!

Isn’t that every woman’s obsession? My friend asked me as i flipped through my wardrobe. ‘I told you to pick out your outfit before time, you never seem to get it done”

She was being rightfully accusing. It was understandable as i ALWAYS NEVER plan my outfits until right when i throw something on.  I coordinate on my body for some reason i can’t seem to think of something until when its time to be out the door. “Its a bad habit she claims”. And i agree but just like every procrastinator, when last minute gives you the best result, you tend to keep with it.

I never really worry about what to wear, not an obsession and i really can be honest and say that i am not one to say i have nothing to wear. “Something will always work” That’s my dressing philosophy.

Solution: So I pulled open my drawers, flipped through my wardrobe and decided simple and Chic was it for the night. Everyone was either in a body hugging outfit or leg showing ones. I didn’t have that option being a last minute girl as well as my new obsession with being Free and comfortable. So i Opted for a white top, some pants and red lipstick


What so special in wearing a white top and pants with red lipstick? Well it would have being ordinary if the top and pants were ordinary. A good white Shirt i believe is an important MUST HAVE in any girls wardrobe as a little black dress. For me it was a nice white shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue with a slight plunge even after buttoning up and very artistic colorful Dressy Harem pants. (I must admit i bought the Pants on a whim, i had no idea what i would do with it. And a year after buying it i wore it for the first time being last month).

Although am not a biggest fan of the Harem, i love the way this looked. For final touches, since having my hair already half french braided for the week (And again being a last minute girl, without time to do something else) I opted for an off shade bright red lipstick from YSL.

Accessories: For Jewelries i opted for a simple sophisticated 18k gold necklace from HSN and a simple 18k gold ball earrings from the same site. To tone down the pants shout-y brightness i added a large brown belt from JCP

Total Outcome?

I loved it. I got an offer to be photographed by a photographer, he loved the look and i got an offer for a photo shoot. (I haven’t taken the offer or called back, but dare i say it. Last Minute does work). Here are pics of what my look was like. Tell me what you think for something that was quickly put together in 20 minutes



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