The season for summer dresses, bright colors and cotton fashionable has  me in a bind of a different kind. Minimalist love summer for the sheer joy of barely wearing… Hahaah. But on a serious note i find myself over hauling my summer wardrobe for maxi skirts and Pants. My sister believes its my sheer laziness of having to do anything else that has me recently in love with Maxi skirts. Anyway without much convincing she has recently jumped on the band wagon with me. Whether because she understand the simplicity of a maxi skirt or the elegance it gives to its wearer.

For anyone interested in up and side doing their wardrobe (meaning, for anyone interested in going a little against the grain of summer dresses) Maxi skirts are the perfect idea. Mixed with a little bit of jewelry depending on your look, or a lot of jewels, you can make it your own.

PS: I have a confession to make and i swear i am not the only one who does this. I have turned all my strapless summer dresses, short or long into SKIRTS!!! Yes i dared and i must admit i absolutely love the overhaul of my closet doing this without really spending much. So for anyone wondering what to do with your last summer’s dresses? and wondering on how to adjust your shopping budget, you can simply use those dresses as skirts, just splurge on exchangeable tops and you have it made.

Here are pictures of my new Maxi Skirt Obsessions.

ASOS Maxi Skirt In Mesh Spot

Hinge® Sheer Chiffon Maxi Skirt





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