Most of us love the fun, sweet or flirty smell of fragrances. I many girly girls, my friends being one of those; find it preposterous to imagine a girl wearing men’s colognes. Well Judge on because I am forever in love with 212 FOR MEN by Carolina Herrera 
Men love it, Women love it on MEN! And 3 women I know so far love it on themselves. MYSELF, MY SISTER, MY MOTHER.
            We seem to have created a habit of hijacking my brother’s every-time. This has led him to hide his cologne.
“Can you imagine fighting for your cologne with the women in your family?” He always asks.
It’s a given. I love it; I cannot get enough, so I tend to save it for very special occasions or specials days when I am feeling “Oh so daring”. I have those days too.
            Well make it four women, because one of my friends tackled me because of it. She hugged me and wouldn’t let go. Apparently one of the guys she’s friends with uses it to entice her. She has no attraction for him but always hugs him or runs after him to get a whiff. For months he wouldn’t tell her what cologne he used. Well, I revealed the secret, which caused an almost every day visit to my room for a spritz. I must say I am not very generous with this, so I stopped her. She went and bought one.
Currently I have the 100ml from BUY the smell lasts all day and night on me. (I have left it on outfit and when I get to that outfit after 2-3 weeks the smell is still there. So I think it is great. You cannot go wrong with it. You don’t have to spray a lot, it’s not too strong but the smell lasts, so even if this might be a little over budget for most, I still say get it, cause you will have it for a long time.



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